System Update 19/11/2021

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New Feature - Payment & Refund Report

You can now see your Payments and Refunds in more granular detail with this report. 

See article Payment & Refund Report

  • Fixed: Monthly Payment Report export failing if run for a full month or more
  • Fixed: Plans Table > Download - Export to CSV Fails
  • Fixed: Monthly Payment Report - Not showing any results for inactive plans 
  • Fixed: Customer Credits Report> Download - Export to CSV Fails if date range is too big
  • FIxed: Franchisee access to email logs is slow


  • Fixed: Rollover email not showing price rise 
  • Fixed: Register Emails still going to disabled Instructors if they are still assigned to lessons
  • Fixed: Rollover Email - link to switch to monthly not working if the class "Show Online" date is set in the future
  • Fixed: Monthly Card Expiry Email sending to Customers with inactive Plans
  • Fixed: If a Customer cancels their plan and continues in the same class as PIA, the rollover email still thinks they are on a Monthly Plan
  • Fixed: Booking Confirmation Email - Lessons showing in wrong order where extra lessons have been added to the Class
  • Fixed: Contracts Expiry email showing wrong dates

Customer Experience

  • Customer Portal > My Payments > Make Payment > Choose Payment Card - Added Expiry Date

  • Fixed: Finder cards showing different availability to booking page
  • Fixed: Bookings to full classes (Waiting List) showing failed error despite being successful
  • Fixed: On-screen error where Customer has entered Venue membership details
  • Fixed: FInder - If last lesson is cancelled, Finder wrongly shows "Book to Waiting List" 
  • Fixed: Medical Details section refactored to stop the page moving around
  • Fixed: Customer Portal > 3D Secure Payment requiring Authorisation - Customer can still navigate to the "My Payments" page

Customer Record

  • Fixed: Plans with no class attached not showing on Franchisee view
  • Fixed: Customer has 2 Plans, 1 of which is inactive - Cancelled plan is still showing on the customer portal


  • Fixed: Monthly payments that are rejected first time are not accounting for Customer credit balance when finally taking the payment successfully