System Update 1st July 2021

Remember – you may need to perform a hard refresh to pull in these updates.

Hard Refresh:

PC: Ctrl+Shift+R

Mac: Cmd+Shift+R



  • Fixed: When no results are found in the Finder, the "Contact Us" link didn't work.
  • Fixed: On the Consumer registration page, the banner at the top was showing the word "Consumer" instead of the chosen alternative
  • Changed: Accept a Booking > Pay in Advance - Number of lessons displayed is no longer capped at 15


Gender Selection

  • The Gender fields can be removed completely at a global level 
    • Your Franscape Administrator must contact to request this
    • Gender entry is set to Optional by default
  • Entry of Gender can be made Mandatory at a global level if required

Monthly Plan

Customer Portal > My Classes > View Plan > Cancel Plan:

  • Added option to Leave Immediately
    • Consumer is removed from all lessons from today onwards
    • Customer is still charged 30-day's notice
  • Added details of last lesson of the current course to aid their choice of the last lesson they will attend.

  • 14-Day Cancellations Message Changed
    • The message displayed when a Customer tries to cancel a plan within 14 days of its start date has changed to include the relevant Franchisee email address


  • FIXED: Consumers Breakdown Report export not working