System Update 20/01/2023

Remember - You may need to hard-refresh your browser to pull in the latest updates.


Multiple Consumer Booking Payment Issue

We have applied a fix for an intermittent issue where multiple Consumers are booked in via the Finder, but payment for only one Consumer is processed.

Please Note: We were unable to reliably recreate this issue in testing, so this fix has been applied based on the information we have available. We will continue to monitor bookings containing multiple Consumers to see if the issue has been fully resolved. Thank you for your continued patience with this.

Bookings Table

    Improved Feature! 
    • Filters on the Bookings Table now give you the option to select multiple items

    This is currently only available on the Bookings Table, but we're looking to expand this feature to other table filters in the future.

    • Fixed: Issue where the CSV Export was blank
    • Fixed: Issue where movements between upcoming classes were being counted as new bookings
      • Please Note: This is only resolved for movements made going forward


    Improved Feature! 
    • When cancelling a lesson, you can now choose whether to send an SMS and/or Email confirmation


    • Various background structural and architectural updates have been applied

    Monthly Plan

    • Fixed: Issue where the Venue Non-Member Fee pricing was displaying wrong in Class view (figures will update overnight)
    • Fixed: Issue where the "Disable Rollover" button was still active for Consumers on a Monthly Plan

    Trial Bookings

    • Fixed: Issue where Trials remained bookable after all spaces had been filled
    • Fixed: Issue where the remaining trial spaces figure was displaying wrong