System Update 20/05/2021

Remember – you may need to perform a hard refresh to pull in these updates (Ctrl+Shift+R)


New Feature!

Booking Questions - Add questions to the booking process that require a response from the customer. See here for details.

  • Fixed - Issue where Booking Confirmation email was missing additional text set on the Course
  • Change - Franchisee email address is CC'd into "Booking Confirmation" and "Consumer Added to Waiting List" emails.
    • This is an interim measure while we look at more suitable solutions for booking alerts.
  • Phone Bookings - Added Class Information:
    • Course Type
    • Availability Thermometer Icon
    • Lessons Calendar
    • Number of Customer in the Waiting List

Customer Experience

New Feature!

Bespoke Branding - The Customer Portal has been revamped to use your brand colour scheme. 

New Feature!

Email Verification - All new Customers will be sent an email verification link when registering. 

Existing customers will be prompted to verify their email address when they next log in to their account.

See here for details


  • Fixed - Plans Table > Download - issue where download fails
  • Fixed - Class Occupancy Report - issue where download fails


  • Change - Customers/Instructors are no longer sent an email when a Consumer is moved between waiting lists
  • Change - Made changes to class occupancy updates based on feedback


  • Fixed - Settings > Courses > Add Course Type - Issue where the user cannot save if "Nationwide (Online)" is not selected