System Update 22/03/2021

Remember – you may need to perform a hard refresh to pull in these updates (Ctrl+Shift+R)

Occupancy Features

The occupancy data has been updated to reference the number of Consumers in each lesson, rather than in the class overall. See these articles for further detail:

Please Note: Class Occupancy figures will update overnight.


PLEASE NOTE: The suspend plan function was originally built in response to COVID-19 lockdowns. We have made this available to Franchisee users while your services return to normal. The availability of this feature will be reviewed in the near future.

  • Waiting List - The button to accept a Consumer from the Waiting list will now only appear if the class is active
  • Incentive Scheme > Levels - "Add Level" button reinstated
  • Re-Enrolment Emails - If a Customer's rollover status has changed to No (if they cancel their plan, for instance) between the course being rolled over and the emails being sent, the Customer will no longer get an email
  • Global Search - Fixed an issue where the Search Everything field wasn't showing results for Consumers for Franchisee users
    • We've also added an extra search function where you can type in the entity type to further filter the results:
      • For example – if you type “Consumer Joe Bloggs” the results shown will only be Consumers
  • Classes > Course Information - Added links to the same class in the previous/next course


  • Minor updates to the Help Text
  • Labelling of Options Fields
    • Including flagging mandatory fields
  • Fixed issue where Category selection was not filtering the levels list