System Update 22/07/2022

Remember - You may need to hard-refresh your browser to pull in the latest updates.

Hard Refresh:

PC: Ctrl+Shift+R

Mac: Cmd+Shift+R


New Feature!

The greeting in your Finder is now Fully Customisable:

Admin users can set/edit this message - See the article How Do I Change the Finder Greeting? for more details.


New Feature!

Admins can now add a global bespoke message to the Finder that appears under the Franchisee information in the Finder:

See the article How Do I Set a Custom Message in the Finder? for more details.


Thank You! 

Your feedback is invaluable and always appreciated. We've implemented the following changes based on your submissions:

  • Changed: Where a class is already fully booked, the finder card button text "Find Out More" now changes to "Book to Waiting List":

  • Changed: All Finder options are now shown by default:

  • Fixed: Issue where "Use My Location" was misplaced in some mobile views
  • Fixed: Browser Auto-Fill causing location field to fill with a block colour