System Update 24/06/2022

Remember - You may need to hard-refresh your browser to pull in the latest updates.

Hard Refresh:

PC: Ctrl+Shift+R

Mac: Cmd+Shift+R


Thank You! 

Your feedback is invaluable and always appreciated. We've already taken some onboard about the Finder Facelift and implemented the following changes:

  • Updated the Help text
  • Made the Show Options button more prominent when the map is open on desktop
  • Added First Lesson date to the class cards
    • This only appears if the first lesson is in the future (course has not started yet)
  • Added the Next Available Lesson date to the class cards
  • IMPROVED: spacing where a long brand verb is used
  • IMPROVED: spacing on Android devices when keyboard is open
  • IMPROVED: error message shown when Use My Location is pressed but the browser security settings block the request
  • FIXED: Issue where the browser auto-fill options turn the Location entry field white
  • FIXED: Issue where class cards for classes with monthly plans were showing the PIA price per lesson instead of price per month

If you want to make changes to the display of the iFrame embed in your webpage, see Embedding the Lesson Finder

This article tells your web designers all they need to know to get the best out of the Lesson Finder iFrame.


  • FIXED: Issue where the Outstanding Balance Report was slow to load, or would not load at all, for Franchisee users