System Update 26/02/2019

Another Franscape Update! We’ve been hard at work on all of the requests and ideas and the following has just gone live:

  • Waiting List Improvements
    • Removed the "Ability" column and replaced it with “Course Type”, showing the type of Class booked.
    • Added filter for “Course Type
    • Added filter for “Day
    • Added column sorting where possible
    • Table now shows most recent bookings on the first page by default
  • Transactions – Manual Payments (Cash/BACS) can no longer be back-dated as this was causing reconciliation issues
  • Active Consumers - Fixed code so that Consumers only show as “Active” if they are booked into an Active Class
    • Customers will only show as “Active” if one or more of their Consumers are booked into an Active Class
  • Option to complete new Customer registration without adding a Consumer has been removed
  • Message added to booking screen stating that we don’t take AMEX payments
  • If a Consumer is on the Waiting List for a Class, the Customer’s “My Classes” page shows a message
  • Availability has been added to Class information in both the Class Finder (image 2) and Booking screens
    • Spaces Available
    • No Spaces Available
  • When a Class shows “No Spaces Available” the “ Book Now” button changes to “Book to Waiting List” in both the Class Finder and Booking screens