System Update 26/08/2022

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Hard Refresh:

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Mac: Cmd+Shift+R


Updated Feature!

Following user feedback, we've redesigned the login page to make clearer the choices when making a booking. This will help avoid dropped bookings by new customers and duplicate account creation by existing customers.

Now, when a new Customer selects Book, They will see this:


When an existing Customer goes to log in to their account they will see this:


  • FIXED: Issue where, if Individual Lesson Selection is on, but there is only one lesson left in the class, that lesson could not be selected


  • FIXED: Issue in Customer table where "Booked" status was not turning green


  • IMPROVED: Added a label to the Back button in the Finder

  • IMPROVED: On the Class Preview Page, the class information will show above any other descriptions and URLs you may have added