System Update 27/01/2020

  • Move Consumer
    • Removed rule that blocked move if Consumer had been in, or associated with, the class before.
  • Create a Class – Added options for Monthly and Welcome Pack 
  • Customer > Orders Table – Added “Order ID” column
  • 30 Day notice function is now live
    • This is Franscape only at the moment, we’re working on the customer portal version now
  • Accept a Booking – Can no longer accept a booking if you have not selected any lessons.
  • Top banner improved to take up less space on mobile
  • Added a chatbot that searches the knowledge base for answers to customer enquiries
  • Pack Delivery Address – Made all fields mandatory
  • My Account > My Classes – Table redesigned for mobile
  • Dashboard – Added Phone icon that when clicked shows contact details for Franchisee they swim with
  • Booking Flow – section titles are now clickable to move back and forward between stages