System Update 14/09/2022

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New Feature!

Trial Lesson Bookings

Screenshot 2022-09-09 at 11.56.03

Customers can now book trial lessons. We've sent you a separate email introducing this new feature 

New Feature!

You can now search the knowledge base and submit a support request without leaving Franscape:

You can access FranBot from any page in Franscape - look for this button in the bottom right of the screen:

For more information see Using FranBot


Improved: Customers can now rebook a Consumer into a class they are already in.

for example:

  • Class ID 1234 runs from 1st August to 29th August
  • The Class has "Allow Individual Lesson Booking" ON
  • Joe Bloggs is booked into lessons on 1st August and 15th August
  • Joe enjoyed the lesson on 1st August so much he wants to attend on 8th August, 22nd & 29th August too
  • Joe's parents can now book him in for the extra dates via the Finder

Customer Portal

  • Improved: My Classes > View Lessons - Added an indication of the lessons the Consumer is booked into:

Franchise Information

  • Improved: View of Monthly Plan Status and Active Weeks added to the Franchisee Portal Settings:

  • Improved: Added extra information to the Franchisees table (Admin view only):

    • Number of Active Weeks set (if using the Monthly Plan)
    • Stripe account connection status


  • Fixed: Issue where manual refunds (BACS/Cash/Cheque) were being labelled as Stripe refunds