Trial Bookings and The Waiting List

Can trial bookings be placed on the waiting list?

Trial Booking to the Waiting List via the Finder

Please Note: When a Customer is booking via the Finder, if all trial places in a Class are full, there will be no option to add a taster booking to the Waiting List. 

Trial Booking to the Waiting List via Franscape

Franscape Admin/Franchisee users can add trial bookings to the waiting list at their discretion:

Note:  You will need to create the new Customer and Consumer first. See:

Create a Customer

Create a Consumer

  • Find the relevant class (with Trials enabled)
  • Select the Waiting List tab
  • Select Add Consumer

  • Enter the Customer name or email and select the right one from the list presented
  • Select a Consumer from the drop-down
  • Tick the Add Consumer as a Trial box
  • Click Add to Class

The Customer will receive confirmation via email that they have been added to the Waiting List for a Trial.

How will I know which waiting list bookings are for trials?

This will be represented by the Booking Status in the Waiting List table: