System Update 25/11/2019

Accepting a Booking
  • Member details now carry through from a web booking
  • If a new booking is made into the current course AFTER it has been rolled over, the Consumer is now booked into the waiting list for both current and upcoming courses. Accepting the booking for the current course will also apply the relevant charges for the upcoming course and add them to the class.
Class Occupancy Report 
  • CSV export now splits occupancy into 3 separate columns – Places/Confirmed/Waiting
Classes Table > Filter
  • Fixed bug where Course Category & Type were showing twice
Consumers Table
  • “Last Award” column is now accurate
Consumer > View > Classes
  • Consumer class history is now flagged as follows:
    • "Attending" - Consumer is currently booked into this class (is in the Consumer list) – BLUE
    • "Complete" - Consumer is in the Consumer list for the class but the class is "Inactive" (Course has finished) – GREY
    • "Waiting" - Consumer is in the Waiting List for this Class – ORANGE
    • "Removed" - Consumer has been removed from this Class - RED
Course Rollovers
  • Improved price change function so it can now be done per venue
Display Issues
  • Fixed bug where menu would not close on Mobile/Tablet
  • Fixed a bug where Notes would not display in the format written
Gross Profit Figures
  • Bug that stopped Gross Profit figures referencing Teacher & Venue costs has been fixed
Phone Booking
  • Added teacher names to the classes table
  • Fixed bug where Phone Booking wasn’t available on tablet
“Take Offline Date” 
  • Fixed areas where this was still showing as “Last Registration Date”