Using the Instructor App

For instructions on how to access the instructor app, see Accessing the Instructor App

What is in the Instructor App?

The Instructor App gives you access to:

  • Lessons
    • View Lessons
    • Complete a Lesson
    • View Register
    • Print Register
    • View Medical Details
    • View Basic Consumer & Customer Details
  • Classes
    • View further details of classes

View Lessons

From the Dashboard or menu, select Lessons

The Lessons Table displays:

  • Class Type, Day, Date & Time
  • The number of Consumers in the lesson
    • The   icon in this column means that there are no Consumers in this lesson
  • Status
    • The icon signifies an Upcoming lesson
    • The icon signifies an Incomplete lesson (the lesson date has passed but the register has not been completed)
    • The icon signifies a Completed lesson (where you have completed the register in the app)
    • The   icon in this column means that the lesson is Cancelled

Complete a Lesson

On the Lessons page:

  • Select a Lesson

  • Mark each Consumer as Present or Absent

  • Press Complete Lesson
    • This button will not be available until you have marked every Consumer as either Present or Absent

Print a Register

  • Select Lessons
  • Find and select the relevant Lesson
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Register

  • Press Print Register

This will open the register as a PDF which can be printed.

View Consumer/Medical/Customer Details

  • Select Lessons
  • Find and select the relevant Lesson
  • Tap on the icon for the relevant Consumer

This will take you to the basic and medical details for that Consumer, and a link to the parent details.

If no medical details are present it means they haven't been submitted by the Customer.

  • To view basic details of the Customer, 
  • Tap on the icon next to the Customer's name

This will show you basic contact details for the Customer