Venue Daily Registers Report

Franscape sends out a report to all nominated Venue contacts at 5:00pm each day. The report contains a reduced version of all registers for the following day:
The Membership statuses shown are:
  • Confirmed
  • Unchecked
    • Means that the venue needs to confirm
  • Non-Member
    • a blank space also means non-member

Activating the Report

NOTE: For this report to go out there must be at least one contact attached to the venue with a valid email address,
  • Navigate to the Venue
    • Note that the next 5 days reports are displayed at the bottom of the Venue Information tab
  • Select the Contacts tab
    • Note that each contact has a "Receive Registers" status
  • Select the Edit button in the Contact that needs to receive the report
  • Click on the button Send Lesson Registers
    • They don't have to be a Primary contact for this

How do I get this report sent to multiple contacts?

Simply add a new contact to the Venue and then follow the steps above.