Venue Facilities

How to create facilities within a venue


Facilities were added to venues so that you could create classes in various areas of the venue. For example: 
  • A venue may have more than one room for activities
  • A venue may split their pool up into lanes/sections
    • Making each lane/section a “Facility” allows you to add classes that run at the same time in the same pool.

Creating a Facility


To create a new facility:
  • Navigate to the Venue
  • Select the "Facilities" tab
  • Select “New Facility
  • Select the "Facility Type"
    • The contents of this list are curated by Central Office
  • Name the facility
    • Try to use the name given to it by the venue, especially if it’s a conference room – for example “Inspiration 1”
  • Set the Capacity
    • This is important as it helps set the capacity of your classes.
  • Add any Notes you feel are relevant
  • Set the Facility Status
    • If you mark a facility as “Disabled” you will not be able to create classes for it.