Venue Non-Member Fees

Venue Non-Member Fees (NMF) can be set in four different ways:

  • £ per Course
    • This number will be divided by the number of lessons in the course to provide a Per Lesson NMF
    • Customers will never be charged more than this amount per Course
  • £ Per Lesson
    • This number will be multiplied by the number of lessons in the course to provide a total NMF for the Course
  • % Per Course*
    • % of the total fees for the course
  • %Per Lesson*
    • % of the fees per lesson
*NOTE: % Per Course and % Per Lesson are essentially the same calculation.
NOTE: This feature now pro-rata's the NMF based on the number of lessons selected when you are accepting a Customer's booking, no matter what NMF type you're using.

Setting/Changing the NMF

This is a crucial setting if you are planning on using the Monthly Plan and setting your Non-Member Surcharge to "Per Course", you MUST make sure you have entered your Courses Per Year figure on the Venue.

  • Navigate to the Venue
  • Select Edit for Basic Information
  • Scroll down to Non Member Surcharge Type
  • Select whether you want to set a a £ value or a %
  • Select whether it is charged Per Course or Per Lesson

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using the Monthly Plan, setting the Non-Member Surcharge to % Per Course, £ Per Lesson or % Per Lesson will cause the monthly payment for classes at the venue to fluctuate slightly depending on the number of lessons in the current course.

We recommend you use £ Per Course if you are running the Monthly Plan

  • SAVE
PLEASE NOTE: Changes take immediate affect and will apply to all bookings accepted from that point.
NOTE: FranScape keeps a history of changes so that reports are historically accurate.

What does the Customer See?

When booking via the website the customer sees the relevant amount based on the NMF type set for their chosen venue. This is still multiplied by the total number of lessons in the Course but will be adjusted when the booking is accepted.