Venue Report - £ Per Hour with Multiple Classes in the Same Facility

If you have times when more than one class is taking place in the same facility at once, this can throw out the figures in reporting. To remedy this, first follow these instructions . Then: 

  • Create an Excel pivot table out of the exported data
  • Sort the Class column A-Z
  • Identify where multiple classes take place at the same time
  • Change the rate in each affected row
    • So if 3 classes take place in the facility on Saturdays at 11:00am, divide the rate by 3
  • Adjust the Total in each affected row
    • You can do this manually, but a formula would be more effective
    • Formula would be Lessons x (Rate x Lesson Duration) = Total
      • For Example, if there are 3 lessons taking place at 11:00am and the hourly rate is £45.00, the total would be 8 x (£15 x 0.5) = £60