Venue Share Report



PLEASE NOTE: All £ totals shown in the Venue Share Report are INCLUSIVE of VAT

PLEASE NOTE: This report CANNOT yet spot where 2 or more classes have taken place in a facility at the same time, so you will still need to be vigilant in checking the results. We are working on a solution to this.
To run the Venue Share Report:
  • Go to Reports
  • Select Venue Share

Test venue

  • Select the Venue
    • You may need to start typing the name to activate the list
  • Select the Start & End Dates for the report
  • Click Generate Report

NOTE: You can also run the report on all Venues in a Group (Village, Marriott etc...) or a Territory.

Results Summary

Customer in period

  • Customers in Period
  • Consumers in Period
  • Lessons in Period
  • Revenue in Period
Venue Membership status of Customers that had Consumers in the chosen period:
  • Confirmed Members
  • Unconfirmed Members
  • Non-Members
    • NOTE: This only counts Customers that are marked as a Non-Member on the system. However, most non-members are not officially marked, so this number is too low. To get a true number for Non-Members use the formula: Customers in Period - (Confirmed Members + Unconfirmed Members)
Report Detail
REport details
Shows per Class:
  • Class
  • Rate Type (Course Type)
  • Revenue
    • No. of consumers booked * Lesson Price (Monthly or PIA)

NOTE: This will NOT include any discounts applied at the point of booking.

  • Rate
    • Venue % share for that Course Type
  • Lesson Fee 
  • Lessons in period
  • Members in the Class
    • Member
    • Non Member
    • Unconfirmed
  • Consumers per Lesson
    • if this shows 2 numbers - ie 4-6 - this means that the lowest number of Consumers in a single lesson was 4 and the highest was 6
  • Lessons x Consumers
    • Adds up all Consumers in all Lessons in the Chosen period
  • Total
    • Total share owed to the Venue for that Class for the chosen period
  • Total Owed to Venue (bottom of page)
    • The "Total" column amounts added together gives you the total amount owed to the Venue for the chosen period

PLEASE NOTE: If a lesson is cancelled, the amount owed to the venue is NOT included.


 NOTE: All £ totals shown in the Venue Share Report are INCLUSIVE of VAT