Venue Share Report - £ Per Hour Rates

A report for this is currently in production, but the amount owed to the venue can be simply worked out using the Venue Share Report - % Share:
To run the Venue Share Report:
  • Go to Reports
  • Select Venue Share
  • Select the Venue
    • You may need to start typing the name to activate the list
  • Select the Start & End Dates for the report
  • Select Export to .CSV
  • Click Generate Report

Working Out the Amount Owed to the Venue

  • In Column edit the numbers to get rid of the in front of the £ sign
    • Use copy and paste to change in bulk
  • in Cell O2 type formula =SUM(H2*L2)/2 and press Enter
    • This is (Lesson Count x Hourly Rate)/2 (as each lesson is half an hour)
  • Drag the contents of Cell O2 down to fill the rest of the column with the new formula.