Editing a Class

How to edit the details of a class:

  • Navigate to the relevant Class
  • In the Information tab, select Edit

Tour Guide!

A step-by-step Guided tour is available for this function. Simply click on the hotspot in the Edit Class window to get started:

Editing the price of a class:

  • Will take immediate effect for all new bookings
  • Will not affect existing PIA bookings
  • Will only affect newly scheduled monthly payments
    • Will not affect any payments that have already been scheduled

You can't edit the following settings:

  • Venue
  • Facility
  • Day of the Week*

*You can change the day of the week, but the change won't apply until the class is rolled over

Here's what you can edit:

If you need to change the Instructor and/or Class Start & End times, you must tick the box at the bottom of the modal window (below), otherwise the changes will not be reflected in the lesson information.
  • Trials

If you enable Trials, you will be presented with 3 further settings:

  • Maximum Number of Trials Per Consumer

    • The system ensures that these lessons must be consecutive (if possible) when booked
  • Maximum Number of Trial Consumers Per Lesson
  • Price Override Per Lesson
  • The default setting is the Pay in Advance lesson price
  • You can set it as £0.00 to offer free trials
  •  Lessons Tab
  • Consumers Tab
The Consumers tab contains all of the Consumers booked into this Class. Here you can:
  • Waiting List Tab

The Waiting List tab contains all of the Consumers on the Waiting List for this Class. Here you can:

  • Accept a Booking
  • Force accept the Consumer into the Class
    • Admin Only 
    • No charges are applied or payments taken
    • The Consumer is just added to all future lessons
  • View the Consumer
  • Move the Consumer to the Wating List for a different Class
  • Remove the Consumer from the Waiting List