Editing a Class

How to edit the details of a class:

To view a class either:
  • Navigate to the relevant Class
  • In the Information tab, select Edit
  • You can edit most of the Class options you set when creating the class.

You can't edit the following settings:

  • Venue
  • Facility
  • Day of the Week*

*You can change the day of the week, but the change won't apply until the class is rolled over

Editing the Instructor and/or Class Times

If you need to change the Instructor and/or Class Start & End times, you must tick the box at the bottom of the modal window (below), otherwise the changes will not be reflected in the lesson information.


 Lessons Tab

Consumers Tab

The Consumers tab contains all of the Consumers booked into this Class. Here you can:

Waiting List Tab

The Waiting List tab contains all of the Consumers on the Waiting List for this Class. Here you can:

  • Accept a Booking
  • Force accept the Consumer into the Class
    • Admin Only 
    • No charges are applied or payments taken
    • The Consumer is just added to all future lessons
  • View the Consumer
  • Move the Consumer to the Wating List for a different Class
  • Remove the Consumer from the Waiting List