Viewing and Editing Classes

To view a class either:
  • Search by clicking on Classes in the left-hand pane
  • Go to the Venue and select the Classes tab
  • Go to the relevant Course and select the Classes tab
To open the class details, click on the magnifying glass on the right of the row. You are then presented with information on the class in a series of tabs:

Information Tab

View Class information and details of the associated course and venue.  You can edit some elements of the class information.
WARNING: Be careful when editing class information as it will affect the website

Editing the Instructor and/or Class Times

If you need to change the Instructor and/or Class Start & End times, you must tick the box at the bottom of the modal window (below), otherwise the changes will not be reflected in the lesson information.
apply this instructor

Lessons Tab

See Viewing & Managing Lessons article

Consumers Tab

The Consumers tab contains all of the Consumers booked into a class