Viewing & Editing Monthly Plans

How to view and edit an existing monthly plan.

To view the details of a monthly plan:
  • Navigate to the Customer
  • Select the Plans tab

6 Plans tab


NOTE: Each monthly plan is related to a class, so they are displayed per Class

Plans are displayed with information relating to the Class the Consumer is in. This table includes:
  • Plan ID
    • Reference that can be used when filtering the main Plans Table
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Consumer
    • Clicking the Consumer will open the Consumer Information
  • Class
    • Clicking the class will open the Class Information
  • Venue
    • Clicking the venue will open the Venue Information
  • Card Expiry Date
  • Deposit
    • This is the Month in advance the Customer paid in their initial payment. It will not change if they move between classes or the lesson price rises in future
  • Monthly Fee
    • This will change if lesson prices change in future
  • Date the Next Payment is Due
  • Amount that will be paid in the next payment
    • This can differ from the Monthly Fee if credits have been applied to the Customer account
  • Active
    • States whether the plan is currently active or not

View Payments Made

To view payments made, select the Payments button

This shows you:
  • The Franscape Transaction Reference
  • The date it is Scheduled to be taken
  • Whether it was Taken as scheduled
  • When the transaction status was last updated (Last Change

NOTE: Each time a payment is taken it also schedules the next one.

View Lessons

To view lessons attended, select the Lessons button

This shows you:
  • The Lesson Reference
  • The Class Reference
  • If the consumer was Present or Absent
  • The Lesson Date

Editing a Plan

  • Navigate to the Customer
  • Select the Plans tab
  • Click the Edit (pencil) button

edit plan card

You have 2 options here:

  1. Change the payment card assigned to the plan
    • either select from an existing card or add a new card
  2. Change the day of the month the payment is taken
    • Select a new payment date

Please Note: FranScape does not currently work out pro-rata charges or credits based on a change of the monthly payment date.

Payment when changing your payment date:

When editing the day of the month that the payment is taken, please note that:

  • The change will not be instant as the next payment would have already been scheduled. 
  • Payment is then taken on the next scheduled date (the usual payment date) and once paid, it will reschedule the payment dates to the newly selected day.