Waiting List Table

Here's a breakdown of the main Waiting List table

The main Waiting List is accessible in the left-hand panel.


  • Displays the Venue Name, Course Dates, and Type of the Class booked


  • Day and Time of the Class booked


  • Number of lessons in the Class
  • Click on the calendar icon for a summary of the remaining Lessons


  • Thermometer Icon

PLEASE NOTE: The icon shows you the availability of the remaining lessons in the class. Therefore, it will change as the block of lessons progresses.

If you have rolled over the class already, you need to check upcoming class occupancy too.

  • Number
    • Number Consumers booked / Max Number of Consumers per Lesson
  • You can filter to show only classes where there are spaces in the remaining lessons 
    • Select Filter > Class Capacity > Spaces Available

Waiting Consumers

  • Total number of Consumers in the Waiting List for the Class

Consumer Name


  • Age of the Consumer

Customer Name

Added At

  • Date and Time the Consumer was added to the Waiting List


Accept Booking - This will only show for Classes that are still active


          Add Consumer to all remaining lessons without charge 


Move Consumer to a different Waiting List


Remove the Consumer from the Waiting List