Why has my booking gone to the Waiting List?

There are two reasons why a booking can end up on a Class Waiting List:

  • No remaining spaces available
  • Payment issue

The consumer can't be accepted onto the class until this is resolved.

What do I do next?

No remaining spaces in the class

You can either:

  • Increase the Class > Maximum Consumers
  • Wait until a space becomes available
  • Contact them to ask if they would like to attend another class

Payment Issue

NOTE: The customer would have been notified about the payment issue at the point of booking.

Firstly, you can try to accept the consumer onto the class and if the payment issue remains, you will see an error message.


If there is still a payment issue, contact the customer to either:

  • Contact their bank to resolve the issue
  • Provide another payment method

How do I accept them onto the Class?

Please see: Managing your Waiting List