System Update 30/09/2020



  • Finder – Fixed issue where bottom class was being cut off on desktop.
  • Bookings - where payment fails, Consumer was still being added to the registers.
  • Bookings - Stopped "Consumer Added To The Waiting List" email being sent to successful bookings:
    • It still goes to anyone placed in the Waiting List.
  • Bookings - Restyled the "Add Card" button in booking process.
  • Refunds - Fix for “£0.30p” refund issue.
  • 14 Day Cancellations - Space in class not being made available - Fixed.
  • 30-day Cancel Plan - Added option to ignore 14-day rule.
  •  Franchisee > Cancel Plan - Allow Franchisees to do 14 day cancellations and add a warning message.
  • Classes and Courses Tables - added Status buttons (In Progress/Upcoming…) for easier filtering:
  • Admin only so far. Franchisees next week.
  • Class > Lessons > Cancel Lesson – Now sends SMS to Customer Automatically.
  • Class > View > Consumers > Move Consumer – No longer allows you to move them into a "Full" lesson.